Jan 3rd, 2014 | By | Category: Dealership Tricks

Buying a new car is a deeply personal decision. People love their cars, and most folks name their cars and think of them fondly. We get all that. The author of this page has an Impala named Iggy.

Whether you’re looking for a snappy sports car, an SUV, or something to carry the kids around, what you drive says something about you in a modern society. Beyond that, people spend an increasingly larger amount of time in their cars. Longer commutes, traffic and family chauffeur duty ensure that people spend a solid amount of their day in their car.

So you want a car that you love, a car that makes you look good, and most importantly, a car that’s a comfortable place for you to spend time in.

Car dealers know this. They will shamelessly play on your emotions, alternately flattering and bullying you until you’re in the car you love at a price they love.

The whole point of our site is to help people with what is a major financial decision. We’re on your side and nothing makes us happier than seeing pictures of our clients in their new cars that they know they got a good deal on.

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