Jan 3rd, 2014 | By | Category: Trade-In

There are some common-sense things anyone should do before taking their car into the dealership for a trade-in evaluation.

It sounds simple, but our experience and research shows that many people don’t even bother to clean out their car’s interiors or wash their car prior to going to the dealer. Any dealer is going to take a dirty car as a sign of poor maintenance and be that much more motivated to find something wrong. We’re not saying that you have to bring out the mobile detailer and spend a couple hundred dollars, but you should also address all the cosmetic issues that you can.

Also top off the car’s vital fluids, make sure your tire pressure is where it needs to be, and clean the terminals on your battery. All of these steps will signal that you’re a competent person who has taken good care of their car.

You need every advantage you can get going into the dealership. These are basic, common-sense tips. For more guidance on how best to establish your trade-in value and get the most for your vehicle click here.

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